Grassroots New Gloucester (GRNG)

GRNG initially started as the Colby Recall Group, focused on recalling selectman George Colby Sr. due to his history of racist remarks (you can read more about those efforts here). After Colby’s resignation, the group became more focused on general education on how to get involved in local politics.

GRNG was originally mobilized through the UAR group, but has since become an energetic community engagement effort in its own right, as a group of New Gloucester residents working to increase public awareness and participation in local government through several avenues, including informational forums, advocating for municipal policies, and supporting deserving candidates for town boards and committees. GRNG believes that our communities thrive most when citizens are engaged, leaders are responsive, and government is transparent.

GRNG meets monthly, or when items come up that are relevant to the group’s efforts. To get more information or become involved, email

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